Sunday, 25 May 2014

Storyteller Extraordinaire-Marsha Skrypuch

Brant County Branch of OGS guests and members had the privilege of sharing a Sunday afternoon with an exceptional storyteller and writer.  Marsha Skrypuch has been honoured on many occasions and recently won the Silver Birch Award for the second year in a row.  This award must have special meaning since 250,000 children from Ontario voted for their favourite non-fiction book, this year One Step at a Time:A Vietnamese Child Finds Her Way was the winner.  Marsha discussed her trilogy of books:  Stolen Child, Making Bombs for Hitler and Underground Soldier and that they have entered into new arenas that have not been written about previously.  She talked about how children can identify with her characters by realizing that tragedies can be overcome in ones life and that you can survive the unthinkable.  Children will ask if the story content is real since so many of the children books are fantasy. Marsha explains that her research is intensive and accurate and that she strives to take you into the moment even including the weather of the day if possible. Often during her presentation she would ask if we had heard of certain events before and the response seemed to be "no, we did not know that".  These stories have been hidden for years, so many events that happen during a war never see the light of day.
 Marsha is a rare writer that wants us to have the knowledge of those events in the hope that history will not repeat the mistakes and that from misery heroes are born.

The Brant County Branch of OGS continually provides, by many avenues, connections to the past. 

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