Sunday, 27 April 2014

Spring Workshop

The attendees of the Spring Workshop declared the day a great success.

Our morning began with Karen Richardson,curator of the Halidmand County Museum walking us through the Victorian Era.   We travelled through the years from 1837 to 1901 enjoying the events, the fashions,food,architecture, innovations and inventions of this period in time.   The influences of Queen Victoria are still in evidence today. For example, after her marriage to Albert she adopted his tradition of decorating a Christmas tree.  She was also in the vanguard of instituting laws that protected the rights of children.
We continued on through the Edwardian period noting the changes that occur between the two eras.  Karen delighted the audience with asides about the royal families.  She told a story about Queen Victoria hiding a pregnancy behind a paisley tablecloth that then became a rage by being interpreted as a shawl by the general populace.
Karen concluded her presentation by giving us pointers on our pictures. The paper quality,the edges of the paper,the type of dress and the background can all help identify when they may have been taken.

After lunch, Vicki McKay was generous to let us explore a section of her personal family research.  Given the title of her presentation was “Sorting Fact from Fiction…and lessons learned along the Way” she kept us all involved in her detective search.  The visual presentation  of the many documents along with a synopsis of how she followed paths and then when she hit a “brick wall” how she backtracked was so encouraging.  At times, just an address where someone had resided and someone else died, tied the family members together.

Vicki had good advice regarding the pieces that don’t seem to fit.  File them away and every six months revisit the documents.  You may find that with your further research these pieces may now fit into your puzzle.

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