Saturday, 23 March 2013

Digitized Personnel Files for WWI Soldiers Available Online

If you are seeking a military file for your WWI ancestor through CollectionsCanada (LAC), you can, generally speaking, access their attestation papers. However, if anyone has requested a full file, LAC have digitized those records and sent them in PDF format to the person making the request. They are now in the process of uploading those same PDF personnel files to their website database. So, although the initial seeker had to pay for the records ($.40 per page) anyone else who comes along seeking the same information, can now access the information online for free. To date, LAC has made 12,330 digitized personnel files of WWI CEF soldiers available.

When you enter the information in the search fields, make sure you tick the box beside the line “digital file”. Once you click on the soldier’s name, you will see a link to the PDF file on them. If there is no link, then there is no digitized file available which means someone needs to request (and pay for) the complete file. After that one has been released, it too will be made available online for free for future reference.


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