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Brantford's Honour Rolls

One of our dedicated volunteer, Linda Rush-Sleeth, is on a mission. She is tracking down all of the Brantford Honour Rolls, taking photos of them, transcribing them and making the information available for all of the users of our genealogy library. It is a mission of love and Linda is nothing if not a woman on a mission!

Each Binder starts with this title page:

Then Linda shares the story behind the Honour Roll:

"Did you know that....The honour scrolls were first produced as a recruitment tool. DND (Department of National Defence) had the scroll designed by Group of Seven artist A.J. Casson. It was distributed to businesses so they could record the names of employees who volunteered for active service. Before long, it was given to churches and other community associations, who used them to record the names of those who gave their lives.

Only the WWII AJ Casson versions of the Honour Rolls (Coats of Arms of Canada at top with large sword pointing down in middle with initials AJC at bottom beside teh RCN shield) were officially printed by the Canadian Government. All others were privately done. Many by companies like Eaton's Department Stores who gave them out as patriotic gestures. "

And finally each honour roll is placed in the binder, complete with photograph, the location of the actual honour roll and then pages of transcription of all of the names on each honour roll.


In Honouring The Fallen - WW1

The first a family would know of the death of a loved one was the arrival of a telegram from the War Office. The WW1 Death Plaque would follow this and any medals the deceased would have earned by serving his country.

The WWI Death Plaque (Dead Man's Penny) was issued to the next of kin of servicemen/women who had fallen in the Great War between 1914 and 1918.

The selected design was a 12-centimetre disk cast in bronze gunmetal, which incorporated the following;

  • An image of Britannia holding an oak spray with leaves and acorns,
  • An imperial lion,
  • Two dolphins representing Britain's sea power,
  • The emblem of Imperial Germany's eagle being torn to pieces by another lion,
  • A rectangular tablet where the deceased individual's name was cast into the plaque. No rank was given as it was intended to show equality in their sacrifice,
  • The words, 'He died for freedom and honour'.

The memorial plaque would be accompanied with by a Memorial Scroll, a letter from Buckingham Palace and a often letter from the deceased's commanding officer. They would not usually arrive as a single package, but as a series of separate mailings



Wesley Methodist Church

Brantford, Ontario




Pte Lloyd Lemon

Pte Thomas Hawley

Pte Kenneth Mounfield

Pte Edwin Godden

Pte Wm Thompson

Pte John Mangerison

Pte Edward hazzard

Pte Gordon Hazzard

Pte Frank Maunder

Pte Thomas Cullen

Pte Timothy Thompson

Pte James Thompson

Pte Thomas Hazzard

Gunner Lloyd Tomlinson

Gunner Henry Hawley

Gunner Oscar Fennell

Gunner Herbert McDermid

                                     Gunner Russel Moyer

Pte Wm Belts

If you know of the location of any Brantford/Brant County Honour Rolls, please contact the Brant OGS at  to let us know and we will send Linda out to get it catalogued.

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