Monday, 23 July 2012

Thanks to the Women's Institute

Did you know that many things that we take for granted today were once the
rallying cry of the Women’s Institute?

Some of these include:

Pasteurization of milk
*Wrapping bread
*Painting white lines on Provincial Highways
*Signs at railway crossings
*Music on school curriculum
*The legal marriage at age 16 with parental consent
*Mandatory stopping for school bus when lights are flashing
*Obtaining Public Liability Insurance before getting a drivers licence
*Clear markings on poison containers
*Dental and Medical inspections in schools
*TB tests before handling food
*The formation of the MacDonald Institute at the University of Guelph
*Lobbying for the establishment of Brock University
*Promoting farm safety
*Support of 4H Clubs
*Lobbying the government for change
*Promoting personal growth
*Promoting Community Action
*Provide two scholarships per year to local youth
*Keep scrapbooks of local families & community- known as “Tweedsmuir Histories”

Many of these Tweedsmuirs are available in our library. Come and have a look at these amazing first hand accounts of history in the making. 

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