Saturday, 25 February 2012

Ordering Newpaper Microfilms from LAC Through Your Local Library

Library and Archives Canada has a blog post today on using the inter-library loan system to get newspapers on microfilm. Your local library MUST have a microfilm reader. Here are the steps from their blog:

Go to our Microform Holdings section [] that lists localities by province. Then, select the city where the newspaper was published []

Record the information provided for that daily newspaper.

Go to your local library and consult a librarian to order the newspaper for a specific date. He or she will need the information you recorded earlier to retrieve your newspaper.
Title: (of the newspaper)
Place of publication: City
AMICUS Number: (from the LAC website)
Dates you need: (dates of the newspaper you want to read)

The following information is not needed:

Microfilm reel number (only required for archival material on microfilm, not newspapers)
Shelf number
Entire date span

Did you know?
The loan period is four weeks (eight weeks for Yukon, Northwest Territories, Nunavut, and outside Canada), including travel time.
Each person can borrow 12 reels at a time per title.
If your date range is covered on more than 12 reels, you must order those for the remaining dates once the first set of reels has been returned and checked-in.
There are no renewals.
If you are searching a wide range of dates, start by requesting six reels, then ordering another six a couple of weeks later. This will give you enough time to access the reels you have on hand while others are on the way.

Happy Searching!

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