Friday, 3 February 2012

Charlotte Taylor, Woman Pioneer

I have just finished a wonderful book called The Nine Lives of Charlotte Taylor. It is about the first woman pioneer of New Brunswick.

Charlotte was born in England to a general and his wife. She left the comfort of her home and ended up, in a circuitous way, in what is now known as New Brunswick, but at the time was Nova Scotia. Her first stop was Baie de Chaleur where she befriended the Mi'qmak. Charlotte married and moved to what is now Newcastle New Brunswick on the banks of the Mirimachi River. The story is one of undaunting spirit and resilience. It gives a wonderful insight into the lives of the early settlers of our country - at the time prior to the American Revolution, on past the War of 1812.

The book is written by Sally Armstrong, gt gt gt granddaughter of Charlotte. It is a fictionalized work based on the author's research into her gt gt gt grandmother's life. There are over 2,000 descendants of Charlotte today and every five years, they meet up in her town to celebrate her life and their connection to her.

This book is available from Chapters or Amazon in soft cover for about $17. It is a book you will struggle to put down and I guarantee after reading it, you will want to claim Charlotte as your ancestor!

Happy searching reading!

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