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Provincial Archives - Maritime Provinces

Most researchers in Ontario are aware of the vast amount of information available through the Ontario Archives. What they may not be aware of is that other provinces also have Archives with large amounts of information and documentation that can be accessed from anywhere. Here are the web addresses for the provincial archives in the maritime provinces:

 Prince Edward Island:

Once you get to the home page, click the "online databases" on the left hand column. Here you will transcriptions of Baptisms, Census records and the Petition Index. Many of the petitions are for land, but others are for money, equipment, repairs and other essentials of the time.

Through the archives,  you can purchase a copy of the original document and you can seek other documents which have not yet be transcribed, such as court papers, wills, journals, newspaper clippings and more. You can contact the archives by telephone at (902) 368 - 4290 or my e-mail at

New Brunswick:

Once you get to the home page, there is a green toolbar at the top of the page. Click on "Search" at the far left side. From here you can search births, marriages, deaths including some funeral home records, deaths of soldiers and burial permits. Other searches can be conducted on cemeteries, immigration (including the irish who emigrated to escape the famine), passenger lists, land registers, teachers licences and Justice of the Peace appointments. You can contact the archives by telephone at (506) 453 - 2122 or by e-mail at:


This system is a bit more complex. Once you are at the home page, there are instructions on the page as to how to search. You will then see a list of fonds (collections held by the Archives) including a number of Royal Commission reports as well as Marine Court records. None of the records are actually digitized and need to be ordered from the Archives. A better source of genealogical information for Newfoundland is the Newfoundland and Grand Banks website:  Here you can access message boards, cemetery transcriptions, directories, census records, BMD records, passenger lists, newspapers, wills, voters lists, parish records, marine and other provincial disasters and more.

Nova Scotia  Once you are at the home page, go to the left side of the page and click on "genealogy research" From here, you will be taken to a search box. Enter in the name of your ancestor and a new page opens. You need to read and agree to the Terms & Conditions and then you will be taken to the results. You can view a micro version of the record. Even enlarged, it is still pretty small. A copy of the record can be ordered for $10.25 for vital stats records (BMD). Back on the search page, scroll down to see the highlighted line that says "online databases and resources" Click on this link and you will be taken to the other records available. These include Acadian records, African-NovaScotian records, church records, divorce records, death registers, land petitions, medical examiner records (autopsy), marriage bonds, poll tax rolls and Mi'kmaq records. Most of these records are not digitized. Some are transcribed. Others simply give you the index of where the records can be found. You can contact the archives by phone at (902) 424-6060 or by e-mail at

As always, happy Searching!

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