Thursday, 19 January 2012

Peace Tickets

Inside the 1937 Eaton's Catalogue were a package of five tickets to a Peace Variety Show. We are unsure if the tickets actually came with the catalogue or if the previous owner of the catalogue had simply placed them there for safe-keeping. A family of five could take in the variety show for a dollar.

The directions are to "pin a dollar to the stubs and return" It then says "We guarantee the safe delivery of your money"  This was a fundraiser for the Royal Canadian Legion - specifically for Branch 103 of Campbellford.

The top prizes in the draw were a Desoto Airstream Sedan, a Chev Sedan and a Ford Coupe. Second prizes were trips to Vimy Ridge (a pilgrammage). Third prizes were all-wave radios. In the fine print it reads that the three cars, 15 trips and thirty radios were only for the holders of the first 48 tickets drawn by the President of the Legion Branch.  Members of Branch 103 were not eligible for the prizes. If nothing else, the ticket was also an entry ticket to the Variety Show itself.  

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