Thursday, 19 January 2012

1937 Eaton's Catalogue

My husband is a pack rat. A trait I was unaware of until we married. My mother threw out everything - or gave things away. Not so my husband. He saves everything. Fortunately he is also a tad OCD, so is well organized and there is no clutter.
This afternoon, he was looking for something - and came across a box. He wasn't really sure what was in there, but thought he would have look anyway. Lo and behold, he found a 1937 Eaton's Catalogue. It was the fall and winter edition. We had a great time looking through the catalogue. Hard to believe, really how much times have changed.

Girls today spend hours on their hair. And a small fortune to boot. Did it really used to be as simple as a silver brush set in front of a vanity and mirror? Interestingly, these sets were some of the more expensive items in the catalogue. Almost as expensive as fur coats, so maybe spending a fortune on hair hasn't really changed at all.

And what handbag was complete without a compact?

At these prices, parents could actually afford to supply both indoor and outdoor shoes for their kids for school!

The toy section provided the most drastic changes. No technology required. Just a whole bunch of imagination. I'm sure this little fella thought he was Gene Autry or even the Lone Ranger. This toy was both amusing and safe!

And for those blustery winter days, a ski flyer. Two and a half feet of  fun for $1.59 or almost four feet of fun for only 80 cents more!

Unlike today's dolls that leave nothing to the imagination, this beauty, specially chosen by Her Majesty the Queen, was a bargain at only .95¢ She even comes with a certificate of authenticity. She doesn't look very cuddly, though, does she?

For the next time Wikipedia goes black, why not turn to this Indispensible Modern Reference Book set. A complete set of 8 contains all the knowledge in the world. How did we cope when we weren't as smart as we are today? I actually remember the excitement every grocery day when we could get the next volume of Funk & Wagnalls for only .49¢ at Dominion. We could never have afforded Britannica but Funk & Wagnalls was perfectly priced for our family.

This one really tickled my fancy. A complete set of home decorations for Christmas. All for only .79¢ The collection is even multi purpose. It can be used on a tree with or without lights!

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