Thursday, 1 December 2011

Penitentiary Term To Youth - 1932

For Five Burglaries in Haldimand and Brant

Admitting five burglaries, three in Haldimand County and two in Brant, and wanted in Simcoe for charges pending over Norfolk county, Clifford Green, 19-year-old Indian, was sentenced to three years in penitentiary on one charge and was sentenced for the same term on the other four all to run con-currently.
The lad was arrested in Hamilton, Tuesday, by Corporal Trolove of the R.C.M.P. in company with other officers and brought back to face Magistrate J.R. Blake today. With Green was Provincial Officer Hayes, of Dunnville, who was going to take the youth back to Haldimand county jail.
Crown Attorney Charlton acted under a 1932 amendment to the Criminal Code to have all the charges tried here although three were in the jurisdiction of the Haldimand county officials. The youth himself was agreeable and permission was received from Haldimand hence all five cases were heard here. It is thought likely that the Norfolk county officials will proceed with their charges against the young burglar who seems to have some sort of a record for minor thefts.
Green was sentenced to two and a half years in the reformatory at Guelph in 1929 and was out on parole at the time he restarted his depradations. (sic)
Magistrate J.R. Blake, after Crown Attorney Wm. Charlton had moved for sentence, stated that he did not think it would be any good sending the youth back to the reformatory. The court thought the matter over a while before imposing three years in the Kingston penitentiary.
The charges read in court and pleaded guilty to are: Around November 18 did break in and enter the dwelling of Ward Curley in Haldimand county, taking a guitar, banjo and clothes; on or about November 28, break in and enter the home of Joel H. Hellems, Burford, taking clothes; on or about December 1, break in and enter the home of Sam Maracle, Tuscarora Township, taking a gramophone, records and clothes; on or about December 4 entering the dwelling of John Nigh, Haldimand county and stealing the sum of $103; on our about December 3 breaking in and entering the home of C.J. McKeen, Haldimand, stealing the sum of $26.

~ From the Brantford Expositor, December 9, 1932.

note: I love how swift justice was meted out in days of yore.

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