Friday, 25 November 2011

Lost Heirlooms - Unidentified Photos Post Four

Four photographs this time. The name of the photographer is along the bottom of the 5x7, and there is a stamp on the back of each photograph.

This first photograph of a young woman is dated October 1884
It was taken by Eckerson & Millman photographers in
Hamilton Ontario

This is the back of the first photo
It gives the address for Eckerson & Millman
as 76 King St West in Hamilton Ontario

This photo of two young children was taken by
JC Walker in Brantford Ontario
It appears to be of two young sisters taken about mid - late 1800s

The back of the photo above states
"JC Walker, Photographer
Brantford Ontario"
It also notes
"Reprints of this picture can be had at reduced rates"

Another photo from JC Walker. This of a young woman
This time, the address for the photographer is listed
148 Colborne St Brantford

Interestingly, the back of the photo states
AH Mellish (successor to JC Walker)
Photographer, Artist Supplies, Pictures, Frames etc
Brantford Ontario
Reprints of this picture can be had at reduced rates
Mellish were the photographers for the BCI
(Brantford Collegiate Institute) in 1922

This photo of a young man was taken by JS Thom of Sarnia Ontario

The back of the photo lists J S Thom Photographic Artist
Over Dominion Telegraph Office
Front St, Sarnia, Ontario
"Life-Size portraits in crayon a specialty"

Crayon portraits were done in the late 1800s.

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