Sunday, 27 November 2011

Lost Heirlooms - Unidentified Photos Post Nine - Children

Three Carte de Visite of young children. All with the photographer information on the back of the photo:

Young girl of about 8 or 9

The photographer's info on the back of this photo states:
Edy & Co
Artistic Photographer
Colborne St Brantford
Portraits of any size in India Ink, Crayon, Water Colors or Oil
Water Colors made a specialty

In handwriting, in pencil, it reads:
A.H Rice 2460 F St San Diego

At the top of the photo there is handwriting Ann........1875

The rest of the name has been torn off when the photo was removed from an album. It would appear that this little girl's name was Ann (?) H. Rice.

A young boy of about 10

Also photographed by Edy & Co
Again, the back shows that this photo has been removed from an album

Young boy of about 12

Edy & Co Brantford

These two boys, in my mind, resemble one another and I have to wonder that they are brothers

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  1. I love the photo of the little girl-she looks for formal in her grown-up clothes. Do you think this might make her older than 8 or 9 despite her very young face? Or perhaps that's why the photographer is called an "artistic photographer". The boys could well be brothers from the tilt of the head though one is broader/fatter in the face.