Saturday, 19 November 2011

Lost Heirlooms - Unidentified Photos Post One

At a recent conference, our Director of Publications was presented with a shoebox. The woman who gave it to him told him that inside were old photos from Brantford or Brant County. Sadly, none of the photographs are labeled. We are hoping to be able to find the families who can not only help us identify the people in the photos, but who can re-claim their family heirlooms.

Here are the first two pictures, both old tintype photographs, which would date them to the mid 1800s (1855- 1865)

This photo shows a man in a top hat and tails. It appears to have been taken in a studio, although tintype photos were often taken at outdoor events such as fairs. This young man may have been dressed for a wedding - perhaps even his own, given the white hat.

This photo is of two young men. They appear to be dressed in their Sunday finest and it would also appear that the photo was taken in the fall given the outdoor coats. The young man on the left is wearing a vest.

If you are able to identify these photos, please contact me or the Brant OGS. Let us know that you are calling to identify the photos in post one.

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