Saturday, 19 November 2011

Lost Heirlooms - photograph of Emma A. Cain

Included in a box of old photographs returned to Brant is this photo of Emma A. Cain. The photograph was taken circa 1850

If you are able to identify these photos, please contact me or the Brant OGS. Let us know that you are contacting us about the photo of Emma Cain.

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  1. I believe this may be Emma Amy Cain, the daughter of David Robbins Cain and Mary Saunders. The time is right. She is 18 in the 1851 Census. If her, she will marry David Parker and as a pioneer move to Red Deer Alberta and eventually be buried outside of Vancouver. Please let me know if your archives have any additional information.
    Gary W. Procop (3rd great grandson of Emma Amy Cain).