Saturday, 19 November 2011

Lost Heirlooms - Identified Photos

We have three photographs where there are names written on the back, in pencil.

The first is of young Alice Howell. Alice appears to be about 4 and is seated with her doll. Alice is tiny enough that she requires a foot cushion. This photo of young Alice was taken on the 3rd of March 1865.

The identity of this young girl is not as clear. The name appears to me to read "Dubcher" but I am willing to be proven wrong. The young girl is perhaps 8 or 9 and is standing in front of  a chair. She is certainly in her Sunday finest. This photograph was taken on the 11th of June 1895.

Finally, we have Miss Sarah Hilliara or Hilliana. Miss Sarah is about 16 or 18 in the photo. The photo was taken on the 21st of April, 1846.

If you are able to identify these photos, please contact me or the Brant OGS. Let us know that you are contacting us about Sarah, Alice or "Dubcher".

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  1. The middle one is tough - Dutcher, Datcher, Dather?? My take on the woman is Hilliard - hope that helps!