Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Genealogy Serendipity

Gotta love stories like this one. In February, a member of our branch contacted me to say that he had picked up (at an estate sale, rummage sale, garage sale.........not sure where) the 1901 marriage certificate for a couple from Burford (Brant County). Robert Lockyer, cheesemaker, and Sarah Hunter. Al was letting me know in the hopes that I would share his find in our newsletter and perhaps the documents could be returned to family members.

I have a friend who is a genius at tracking down living relatives. She has returned army trunks to family in California, legal documents, ID and certificates to residents of her city, and has contacted a family in Florida letting them know that she has documents that belong to them. I sent Al's email to her asking her to work her magic and see if she could find the rightful owners. She found them within a couple of days and since then, has been waiting to hear back from them. In the meantime, Al gave her the marriage certificate and she deposited it into her "UNCLAIMED" tote.

Last week, she and her son were talking. She has done extensive genealogy on her side of the family, but has done nothing on her ex-husband's family. She told her son she would be willing to do this for him and his brothers and asked him to contact an aunt to see if she had any information. She heard back and received some scant info. Something about a marriage. Dates and places. One of the names looked really familiar. Lockyer. Hmmm. Not sure where but she was sure she had read that name before. A quick look through the "UNCLAIMED" tote, and lo and behold, she came across the 1901 marriage record Al had given her. Turns out Robert is the great uncle of her ex-husband. The great-great uncle of her children!!! What are the odds?????

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