Saturday, 15 October 2011

Old Hundred

From the Brantford Expositor, October 14, 1961:

“Old Hundred,” one of the oldest houses in Brantford, located at
100 Wellington St, has been acquired by the Westfield Pioneer Village Association.

The Village is now in the early stages of construction 20 miles from here near Rockton in Wentworth County. It is expected to be open for public viewing in 1963 and to be completed by 1967. The Brantford home, built in 1852 by Robert Gillen, on property deeded by the Six Nations,

was originally purchased by the city from the owner, Miss Helen M. Straith. It was to have been torn down for parking space. Glenn Kilmer, principal of the Pauline Johnson Collegiate, who is secretary of the pioneer village association, heard of the city’s plans, and negotiations for saving this well-preserved house are now complete”

This is definitely my favourite home in Westfield. It was home to 4 generations of Gillens. The father, Robert, was a magistrate. The home used to be at 100 Wellington St, right across from the Superior Court. The home was nicknamed "Old Hundred" as seen on the mail slot.

Robert Gillen's daughters were teachers in Brantford.

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