Saturday, 15 October 2011

Farm Service Force

During the Second World War, as men went off to fight for their country, many jobs were left unattended. This included agricultural work. While many women went into factory work, children were often recruited to assist on the farms. These children were part of what was called the Farm Service Force. Their jobs would include such tasks as ploughing, planting, harvesting on the farms themselves, or as canners and packers in canning houses. 

The records of these Farm Service Force workers are available through the Ontario Archives. Their website states:

"Series consists of records used in the development and implementation of regulations issued by the Department of Education pertaining to farm service by students during World War II. The series also contains special regulations and circulars dating from World War I which were likely used as reference materials during World War II.

The files include Department of Education records pertaining to the Ontario Farm Service Force, including memoranda and correspondence pertaining to the Department's Circular 27 Memorandum Re: Students who Enlist for Active Service or Engage in the Production of Essential War Materials detailing wartime regulations respecting Departmental certificate and diplomas, Circular 27A Memorandum to Principals of Secondary Schools Re: Circular 27, and other related regulations. The series also contains briefs, press releases and minutes of meetings pertaining to the Ontario Farm Service Force and war-time employment of children on farms."

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