Wednesday, 7 September 2011

What Will I Find at the Archives of Ontario?

With the upcoming trip to the Archives of Ontario (November 18th), people have been asking "What kind of records will I find there?"

Here’s the list:

•Student and Teacher Records
•Census Records
•Directories, Telephone Books and Voters Lists
•Genealogy Collections and Published Genealogies
•Guardianship and Adoption Records
•Patient and Health Practitioner Records
•Resources for Researching Land Records
•Militia and Military Records
•United Empire Loyalist Records
•Immigration, Naturalization and Citizenship Records
•Finding Change of Name Records in Ontario
•Criminal Justice Records at the Archives of Ontario
•Family History Centres in Ontario
•Genealogical Researchers in Ontario

The indices are on the website and are all downloadable in PDF or Word. However, when you get to the Archives, you can actually read the microfilm. Here is just one example of what is available:

In the Patient and Health Practitioner Records, there are records for Psychiatric Hospitals, Tuberculosis Hospitals (including the Brant San), Centres for Developmentally and Emotionally Disabled Individuals (these institutions are now closed), and records of Physicians, Nurses and other health care practitioners.

Student and Teacher Records include School Board records (daily attendance registers, minute books of Board meetings, administrative records and records that include those students that passed from one year to the next), Teacher and Principal Training and Certification Records, and many other interesting tidbits of information.

Criminal Justice Records include Investigation Records, Prosecution and Indictment Records, Court Records, Correctional Records, Judges Benchbooks & Judgements and Probation & Parole Records.

Have a look on the Archives of Ontario Website:

As always, Happy Searching!

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