Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Hamburg Passenger Lists Now on FamilySearch

From FamilySearch:

"The Hamburg passenger lists are a useful tool for many German researchers. The Hamburg passenger lists contain millions of names of Europeans, including immigrants from Poland, Germany, Hungary and Scandinavia.

The passenger lists include around 1/3 of the people leaving from Central and Eastern Europe. The great benefit of the Hamburg passenger records is the fact that the birthplace or last known place of residence is listed for the majority of the passengers. These records cover the time period from 1850-1934, with gaps during times of world war. These records are handwritten, which can make them difficult to use, but with a little patience they can be read.

Information included in the actual passenger lists includes:

■Names of the passengers
■Place of birth or last known residence
■Occupation or status of the individual

For more detailed information, visit the FamilySearch website.  

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