Monday, 19 September 2011

Canada 150

On the weekend, I attended the One World, One Family conference in Toronto. In the Cultural Centre (what most of us know as the "Marketplace") was a display by Canada150.

The vendor was actually Legacies. One of their initiatives under the Canada150 project is to get as many people as possible to record their family histories and have them uploaded to the Web by July 1, 2017, when our great country celebrates her 150th year!
There are a number of ways that Legacies is providing for you to be part of this wonderful undertaking. Here are some of their suggestions:
  • Memories: write a short paragraph with photos to upload (there is space for 1.2 million uploads!)
  • One of a Kind: unpublished collections of letters, journals, diaries, films, scrapbooks (they are hoping for 150,000 copies!)
  • Published: previously published books, films, songs, plays, websites or other multi-media. (Again, they are hoping for 150,000 copies)
  • Individual Stories
  • Stories of Families, Neighbourhoods, Communities, Cities, Counties
  • Family histories, scrapbooks, photo albums, genealogies
  • Histories of Corporations
  • Social  Histories from faith and cultural communities
  • Histories of Clubs, associations, schools, arts and sports groups
I am a firm believer in preserving stories for future generations. What better way to do so than by joining Canada150?

C'mon, Canada, start sharing!!!

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