Tuesday, 9 August 2011

A New Trend Has Gone Viral

A new trend on Facebook has gone viral (that means that the idea has really taken off ) It is called "If you grew up in Brantford, you remember..." You need to have a Facebook account to view and to become a "member" of the group, you need to send a request to join. There is an amazing amount of social history on this site and some "old timers" have shared some wonderful memories of what life used to be like.

People are reminiscing about being able to get a coke and a bag of chips for a dime, where they started their first jobs, old stores, old "hangouts', camp 20 at Mohawk park, air raid sirens and so much more. A great little trip down memory lane! 

These new groups are sprouting up about all sorts of places, not just Brantford and are providing a "Genealogy of a City" 

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