Monday, 23 May 2011

History of the Messacar Family - Any Way you Spell It!

The original Massaker family came to the States from Germany aboard the “Princess Amelia” and landed in what is now New York. They arrived on 11th May 1647. By 1750 it was impossible to follow the many lines and various spellings. The early German families were happy as long as it sounded correct. Some of these early Massaker families married into the Slaght family. Prior to owning a computer Wayne had typed records which were difficult to organize. Wayne tried contacting people but found this was never very satisfactory. His advice is to put your information out on the web and let people come to you.
Prior to owning a computer, Wayne had typed records. As many of us who started years ago will know, these records were often difficult to organize. Some of Wayne’s early research came from other members of the family such as Charlie Meseacar, who was the caretaker of Greenwood/Waterford Cemetery and Howard Messecar of Mount Pleasant. 
In 1996, Wayne obtained a computer and began using Family Tree Maker. From this, he published his first book, which he formatted in Family Tree Maker and then inserted photographs. Wayne produced his second book in 2000.
A number of members present are also related to the Messecar family and they can access his Family Site on Ancestry or Roots Web – World connect.
Currently there is a DNA project which is helping to make connections to family members and their lines. Some connections are hard to relate and there is still a lot of work to be done. DNA testing cost $120 and some people object on ethical or religious grounds.
Wayne advised people not to commit sources to memory only, make sure to keep records. Don’t reply on other people’s records which may be useful, do your own research to make sure they are correct.
After his talk Wayne answer questions and then spent time talking to people on an individual basis.This was especially helpful to those who were related to the Messecar family.

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