Friday, 22 April 2011

And the Survey Says.........

A recent online survey of 1050 genealogy Hobbyists, conducted by Myles Proudfoot, of the blog “family history 21ster” found:
87% are actively engaged in genealogy research
36% research daily
49% attend conferences and Family History Society meetings
94% have asked living relatives for assistance in sharing memories, photos or stories
67% consider themselves “amateur” genealogists
32% started this hobby to continue the research others had started
27% started this hobby to preserve the memories of a deceased relative
The average age of the respondents was 36 years (and I thought I was a baby at this!)
The average length people have been researching is 18.5 years
76% store their research information on their computer
87.5% do their research at home as opposed to in a library, archive or FHS
67% claim to be totally addicted to genealogy!

For the full results of Myles' survey, check out his blog:

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